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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Auckland Council Candidates Questions - Ram Parkash

1. Where do you stand on questions of euthanasia, abortion and prostitution?

My answer is no, no , and no, with some qualifications.

2. How committed are you to serving the poor ?

Absolutely committed, I often pray that God grant me the means to help the poor and needy.

3. In the last year, what example can you provide of a way in which you personally have helped the underprivileged?

An old man looking for accomodation, I put him at the top of the list , and let him have the available accomodation.

4. How available to the voter will you be?

Very available,As I have said 1.Represent you 2. Report to you 3. Respond to you

5. Should Council continue to provide affordable housing for the elderly ? Should this be expanded to provide more units and housing for poor families ?

Yes and Yes, more of it.

6. Should Auckland continue to be a Nuclear Free Zone ?

Yes, because the risk is too great.

7. Does Te Tiriti O Waitangi have a role in local government ?

Te Tiriti has a role in every government, as the treaty is about people,originally intended for two groups of people,but now wider society.