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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Auckland Council Candidates Questions - Dick Quax

1. Where do you stand on questions of euthanasia, abortion and prostitution?

I am against euthanasia, abortion, apart from cases were a mother’s life is threatened, I led the successful effort to get the Manukau City Council (Regulation of Street Prostitution in Specified Places) Bill through to its first reading in Parliament, a Bill which is now supported by the Auckland Council.

2. How committed are you to serving the poor ?

I deliver food for a Foodbank from time to time, I am an Ambassador and do volunteer work for Special Olympics. My work as Portfolio Leader for Community Safety on the MCC resulted in me leading the work to have limited speed zones around our schools something of particular importance in low decile areas where more children walk to school. I as led the initiative to set Neighbourhood Support programmes in more economically deprived areas. My family make significant donations every year to various worthy causes.

3. In the last year, what example can you provide of a way in which you personally have helped the underprivileged?

See above

4. How available to the voter will you be?

In my time as a Manukau City Councillor my colleagues including Mayor Len Brown described me an effective, focused and hard working councillor dedicated to my community.

5. Should Council continue to provide affordable housing for the elderly ? Should this be expanded to provide more units and housing for poor families ?

I am not aware of any Council plan to discontinue providing housing for the elderly. Affordable housing is particularly complex question and is driven by supply and demand, land zoning, council charges and would require more space than you have allowed. However, I would happy to address this question with your parishioners if time and space allows.

6. Should Auckland continue to be a Nuclear Free Zone ?

I don’t believe that Auckland has a policy on being a nuclear free zone.

7. Does Te Tiriti O Waitangi have a role in local government ?

Only to the extent that is legislated in such legislation as the RMA and LGA. All New Zealand citizens should be treated as equals regardless of race.